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SCHWEISSEN UND SCHNEIDEN 2017: Laserline presents diode laser systems for thick steel and copper welding

Solutions for automotive, cladding and 3-D print are further priorities

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date: 23.08.17
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Laserline GmbH

The diode laser manufacturer, Laserline, will present at this year’s SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN laser systems and application samples for joining and cladding methods. At the center of its fair presentation stand a 60 kW laser for thick steel welding and a blue laser with 500 W power. Furthermore, solutions for automotive, additive manufacturing, high speed cladding and hardening will also be highlighted.

SCHWEISSEN UND SCHNEIDEN 2017: Laserline presents diode laser systems for thick steel and copper weldingLaserline, the leading international developer and manufacturer of diode lasers for industrial material processing, will exhibit at the SCHWEISSEN UND SCHNEIDEN fair (25th to 29th September 2017 in Düsseldorf, Germany) laser systems for joining and cladding applications. Furthermore, the Mülheim-Kärlich-based company will also present a variety of application samples. The highlight of the presentation is a fiber-coupled 60 kW diode laser with mirror optics, which allows for the welding of thick-walled steel structures (e.g. in shipbuilding or offshore wind turbines). A special technological highlight is the LDM 500-60blue: a blue diode laser with 450 nm wavelength and a hitherto unreachable power of 500 Watt, which was developed within the EFFILAS support measure of the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) in close collaboration with OSRAM and other project partners. Blue laser light allows for more effective welding processes because of its absorption properties of nonferrous metals, especially copper.

Furthermore, Laserline will also present the highly compact LDM 6000-100 diode laser that offers up to 6 kW laser power with the 7RU big 19” racks and the OTS-5 optic with multi-spot module. The latter supports different diode laser applications - from triple spot brazing over aluminum welding with triple spot to customer-specific spot solutions.

As far as applications are concerned, Laserline will focus in Düsseldorf on examples from keyhole and heat conduction welding as well as additive manufacturing, cladding and automotive body assembly. For example, a car door demonstrates the high welding quality of diode laser-based stitched seams. The wide application field of the OTS-5 optic with multi-spot module is demonstrated with samples for aluminum welding and brazing of hot-galvanized or welding of galvanized sheets. On the issue of cladding, Laserline presents components that were treated with LDF diode lasers in a high-speed cladding process — an alternative to hard chromium plating developed by Fraunhofer ILT. As to diode laser-based 3-D print, a plain bearing and a drill bit will be exhibited. Furthermore, Laserline will also present application samples for hardening with diode lasers — from hardening extensive drive shafts and turbine blades to temperature controlled surface hardening of components with highly complex surface geometries.

Anyone interested will find Laserline in hall 9, booth C38. Of course, more information about the company and its products and solutions can be found online at www.laserline.de.

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