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EuroBLECH 2016: Laserline’s focus on diode laser applications in joining processes

Extra emphasis on surface treatment

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date: 07.09.16
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Laserline GmbH

This year’s EuroBLECH presentation from Laserline concentrates on diode laser applications in joining and surface treatment processes. The main focus is on welding and brazing applications, as well as cladding and additive manufacturing.

EuroBLECH 2016: Laserline’s focus on diode laser applications in joining processesAt this year’s EuroBLECH exhibition (25-29 October in Hanover), Laserline will explain in detail its application with diode lasers in the context of joining and surface treatment processes. The emphasis of the company’s presentation will be on welding and cladding applications.

Diverse samples will show the process-optimizing use of diode lasers in complex welding applications like tailored blanks welding, multilayer narrow gap welding, and thick plate welding with 50 kW laser power. A video installation demonstrates brazing with the help of the so-called triple spot optics – an innovative processing technique, which is especially suitable for joining hot-dip galvanized steel sheets.

With regard to surface treatment, Laserline demonstrates, using a powder-coated shaft by the Fraunhofer-Institute for Material and Beam Technology (IWS), the advantages of cladding with diode lasers, which is quite convincing because of its high-coating rates and exceptionally plain marks. Furthermore, with the help of specific components, the use of diode lasers will be illustrated with regard to additive manufacturing – beginning with the integration of the laser beam source over a five-axis milling machine to the flexible interplay between laser-based powder coating and milling.

As far as products are concerned, Laserline introduces at the EuroBlech its diode laser’s beam sources which are particularly suitable for welding applications. Amongst other things, the LDF 5000-30 (5 kW) (which is suitable for all common welding applications) and the most compact 4 kW industrial laser today (the 19” plug in module LDM 4000-100) are presented. Also exhibited will be the LDF 4000-4, a 4 kW laser with a beam converter that was developed for applications with high demands for beam quality (e.g. remote welding). Furthermore, Laserline will show optics for welding and cladding, as well as the Laserline triple spot optic module for brazing applications.

Interested persons will find Laserline in hall 16, booth C34. Of course, you can get more information about the company and its products and solutions online at www.laserline.de

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