Klostergut Besselich
56182 Urbar/Koblenz
Founder and Lead Agency

e-mail: Germany@eprf.eu
website: http://www.riba.eu


The founder and lead agency of the EPRG, Riba:BusinessTalk, is a specialized B2B consultant for the areas of Marketing, Sales and Public Relations. Our full-service portfolio contains all services necessary for a professional business relationship. With distinctive brand recognition for media, partners and clients as well as management and staff, we ensure an absolutely profitable position on the market and an efficient appearance in all decisive business matters: Strategy, Sales, Marketing and Communication.

Strategic marketing is the center line of each and every company. The primary objective of Riba:BusinessTalk is comprehensive consultation and support by means of strategic use of all modern marketing and communication instruments. We create a distinctive profile of your company focus and outstanding outlines of your products and services in print, e-media and overall marketing services.

Sales costs money and is much too expensive than to be set up inefficiently. Consultation by Riba:BusinessTalk supports the internal improvement of sales activities by implementing an efficient organization as well as coaching your sales staff. The choice of channel plays a fundamental role. We support customers gaining access to the German and European market to establish products, portfolios or companies in the respective markets.

Public Relations – often mistakenly equated with advertising – uses own as well as external information channels to publish information and company-related news. Therefore, we provide the established media with relevant press information. Journalistic contributions in trade magazines, in combination with the respective topic administration, strongly influence the positioning of companies. Additionally, they ensure the participation necessary for a public opinion formation.

Aki Blum
e-mail: Germany@eprf.eu