Five simple steps to awareness in Europe

The EPRG PressRoom concept is as farsighted as it is simple in its functionality. It can be explained in 5 steps:

1. Agency-PressRoom
The press release of an EPRG partner agency’s client will be published in the agency’s PressRoom. Thus, it is online in the agency’s PressRoom and visible for journalists. They can profit from the subtle and simple search functionalities which simplify their researches in daily business.

2. Client-PressRoom
If a client’s press release is inserted in the PressRoom of an EPRG partner agency, it will be mirrored into the PressRoom of the client. This PressRoom will be designed according to the client’s CD. It will be hosted by EPRG and linked directly with the client’s site. Thus, clients profit from a contemporary CMS system and a modern press archive which will be maintained by the local EPRG agency.

3. EPRG-PressRoom
The press release is now visible on two PressRoom levels, on the agency level and the client level. Following an internal approval process, the press release will be mirrored into the EPRG PressRoom, thus creating a pan-European multiplication. There, the concentrated ITC releases of all over Europe can be found. The high density of press releases covering the ITC supply chain guarantees a maximum attention of journalists in Europe. Especially here, the intelligent search functionality with all possibilities of subscriptions shows its relevance. Releases can be inserted in any language and a multitude of upload possibilities. This helps clients to accurately penetrate target markets.

4. RSS-Infoboard
Is the release in the EPRG PressRoom, it is now on three levels: on the client, agency and Europe level. The spread and visibility on the Europe level will again be increased by showing the releases of the EPRG PressRoom additionally via RSS in a rolling infoboard on all homepages of EPRG partners. Like the PressRoom of EPRG partners, their homepages have many journalists as visitors. The aim is achieved: broad and fast information from the client to the journalist.

5. Press-Newsletter & RSS
The visibility of a good EPRG press work has multiplied over this scope. To perfect the flow of information, the journalist can choose from many selection possibilities for their own newsletter and RSS subscriptions. Here, the search filters for special technologies and topics are relevant as soon as a new release on the Europe level is inserted. If the criteria match with the journalists’ parameters, the release is automatically sent to them as RSS or newsletter.

No other comparable portal in the press environment offers filter mechanisms of this kind.

You can find more information about the EPRG PressRoom concept in the attached presentation.

EPRG PressRoom 5 Steps